Chapters of a Story

Boudoir is a very personal milestone. These are not everyday photographs and you might not want to publicly display or share your images.

Creating an album allows you to keep these moments safe and easy to revisit whenever you need that confidence boost.

Because I offer more than one lighting style during your photoshoot, opening this album is like looking at chapters or a story.

You’ll have more than one pose, more than one outfit and more than one lighting style.

This is an experience that seeks to help you centre yourself, to help you feel confident, to play, to envisage the future you want, and to look back on all the moments in your life that have made you – you.

The album is also very greedy and demands more photographs! Choosing an album means you will select 15 of your favourite images from the collection.

a boudoir album showing a mock up of three boudoir images from legs, back and a body silhouette.

What does a Boudoir Album look like?

a boudoir album front cover in black vegan leather

The Timeless Seduction Boudoir Album Details

  • A Black Vegan Leather Album
  • 10 spreads (20 pages)
  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Stunning Fuji Lustre DPII pro paper finish
  • Lay-flat binding with no gutter
  • Comes with a complimentary matching presentation box
  • Optional Personalisation in Gold
  • My most requested personalisation is ‘My Gateway to Confidence’.
  • Female Printing Team

How much is the Boudoir Album?

The Boudoir album is the final product of my Timeless Keepsake Package. This Boudoir experience is £1,100 paid in two instalments. You receive:

  • Preparation Guide
  • Style Consult
  • Private Photoshoot
  • Posing Support
  • Multiple Styles
  • Sparkling Wine
  • 15 Photographs
  • The Boudoir Album
a boudoir album from a film noir inspired boudoir photoshoot

Can I purchase my Boudoir Album later?

Yes! You don’t have to make any decisions on the album before you book your Boudoir Experience.

You can book my digital package ‘Luxe Glam’ and upgrade to the album once you’ve seen the example in the studio and want more photographs.

Can I print my own Boudoir Album?

Absolutely, my digital package includes print versions of your images. These files come in 300dpi, the best quality for printing.

The benefit of creating your album through me and my printing lab is that I can ensure all the photographs are at the right aspect ratio. It’s easy for me to change the sizes of the original image and craft an album that looks beautifully designed.

My camera records your images at an aspect ratio of 3:2. This means that if you wanted to print a square image like 10×10 at a later time, this might become tricky for you to do without software.

If you know the aspect ratio you want in advance, I can help create images for that at delivery.

Female Teams and your Privacy

It took me a long time to partner with award-winning printers with an all-female team, specifically for the boudoir albums.

They’ve also told me personally that they delete your images after 1 month. They keep them for 1 month on their servers to make sure we are 100% satisfied with their work. Once they know we don’t need any changes, they delete the photographs.

If you are looking to print your own images, please look into the privacy policy of your printers. Make sure you are comfortable that they will respect your privacy.

A boudoir album with a picture of a woman in a black body suit reclining on a gold chair

Final Thoughts

Whether kept for personal reflection or shared with a trusted partner, your boudoir album serves as a tangible reminder of your inner strength and journey towards embracing yourself.

By curating a collection of carefully crafted images, each lighting style and pose becomes a chapter in your unique story, a story of confidence, beauty, and self-love.

Learn more about the Boudoir Experience at my webpage > London Boudoir Photography 

Here you’ll find more examples of my boudoir styles and prices.

a boudoir album for a bridal boudoir photoshoot using film noir lighting