London Boudoir Photography

Helping You Connect With Yourself

Step into your power

London boudoir photography fine art style of a woman in a canvas wrap holding prosecco

London Boudoir Photography is Your Gateway to Confidence

a woman lying down with long hair embracing body positivity with a fine art nude twist from a London boudoir photography photoshoot

Why Boudoir now?

Even if you’ve lost confidence…

Or need to find yourself again…

Or you’ve always hated your body…

This experience will revolutionise your relationship with your reflection.

London Boudoir Photography is Your Gateway to Maximum


Let me help you to...

Remember who you were before life happened.

Reconnect with your body in a safe space.

Empower yourself for change and new challenges in your life.

Create elegant photographs that will stand the test of time.

a blonde haired woman on a seat draped in silk on a london boudoir photography photoshoot

Choose styles based on what makes you feel


Dark & Sultry

Meet the dark and sultry signature style. I’ve developed this technique to accentuate your favourite features with light and shadow, creating an artistic look unique to you.

Ravishing Renaissance

Meet the romantic renaissance style. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a painting, now is your chance! I fell in love with the painterly style after years of working at London Museums and Galleries.

Bombshell Black and White

Meet the classic and timeless look of black and white. Without colour, black-and-white photography helps you focus on your connection and form. It helps capture you in all your bombshell glory.

Uniquely You

This is your chance to share your vision with me! Do you have a particular look you want for your boudoir photoshoot? Let me know and I’ll work to make it happen.

London Boudoir Photography

A lonfon portrait photographer with a camera in a black top against a white backdrop

I'll be your guide.

Hi, I’m Siorna your London boudoir photographer.

If you’re like me and many of the clients I work with, then you are someone who struggles with body image. You’ve probably never felt comfortable in your own skin and it has led to confidence and anxiety issues. It’s stopped you from achieving career goals, forming meaningful relationships or wearing the clothes you want.

Taking photographs of your body can give you the space to reconnect with your femininity, your power and your body, and for many of my clients, it has led to more confidence, job offers and a healthier relationship with their bodies. Could you be next?

Your boudoir photographs can be your milestone. A reminder of all the wonderful things you have achieved so far on your journey.

You can disrupt the pattern of negativity and embrace yourself.

Three steps to your London boudoir photography photoshoot


Set the date

We take the time to meet over zoom. You get to meet me, ask questions and book your date.


Style Consult

We review the mood, wardrobe and styling so you know what to expect and what to bring on the day.



Your day is here! Enjoy refreshments, a private changing area and your favourite music.

a woman with a bra looking down in window light on a london boudoir photography photoshoot

"She helped me feel confident and beautiful."

“I’m so happy I went with Siorna. Not only is she extremely talented at what she does, but she’s such a warm, welcoming presence. Siorna calmed my nerves and was super accommodating to my requests and most importantly, she helped me feel confident and beautiful. I’m grateful for both a set of gorgeous photos and a new friend!”

Ashley - London Boudoir Photography

Here's how we get started

I work with you step by step to create the photoshoot of your dreams.

1: Consultation

We take the time to dig a little deeper so that you receive art that truly empowers.

Do you like light or dark and moody styles? Do you want a fine art style? Which parts of the body do you like?

We’ll cover what’s included in the packages and what you can expect from your London boudoir photography experience.

2: Set the date

Secure your booking and date! Let’s get you on the calendar! I also set a little bit of homework! It’s fun. I promise!

3: Style consult

Over zoom or on the phone, we’ll review the mood, wardrobe, posing, colour and styling for the session.

We’ll prepare these things together so you know what to expect and what to bring on the day. You’ll also receive my Boudoir Preparation Guide full of great tips and insights from other clients.

4: Boudoir Experience

Enjoy a glass (or two) of sparkling wine, a private changing area and your favourite music. Hair and makeup are available on request for the full pamper treatment.

5: The Reveal!

Within 2 weeks you choose your boudoir collection at your photography reveal. We dive into 20 – 25 incredible photographs over zoom. I’m here to help you pick your favourites and choose any additional printed art.

After your selection, I will fully edit and format your chosen images.

6: Special Delivery

They’re here! Your digital boudoir collection will arrive via a private online gallery within 1 week.

Your printed memories take a little longer but are well worth waiting for. They have a 14-day turnaround at the printing lab.

Boudoir photo ideas of a black woman wrapped in nude silk with an afro hairstyle on nude coloured paper
an asian woman draped in silk on a couch as boudoir art

"Siorna helped to shine a light on the beauty and....influenced my personal perspective in a more positive way."

“Two-thirds of my life has revolved around an intensely troublesome relationship with my body. However, Siorna helped to shine a light on the beauty, instead, and really influenced my personal perspective in a more positive way. It was an important reminder that sensuality and disability can co-exist. A fun and empowering shoot. Go get your boudoir shots – Siorna is your girl!”

Lucy - London Boudoir Photography
a woman's silhouette with bracelets in black and white from a London boudoir photography photoshoot

What's the Investment?

À la carte

£79 each Photoshoot at £197
  • Pay for single digital images
  • Sparking wine during the experience
  • Preparation Guide
  • Bonus Makeup Guide

Luxe Glam Package

£997 or pay in two instalments
  • Sparking wine during the experience
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • 12 digital photographs
  • Preparation Guide
  • Bonus Makeup Guide
  • 1 printed hero photograph with white mount

Additional Luxury Products

a mounted print of a female silhouette from a London boudoir photography photoshoot

Turn yourself into art!

Fine Art Prints, Vegan Leather Albums and Wall Art

One of the things that makes me unique is that I have worked in Museums and Galleries for 10 years. I want the printed version of your photographs to stand the test of time.

I’ve selected the products for your art prints and albums from an award-winning printing lab in the UK. These are handcrafted and printed to museum standards. These optional art products are as special as your photoshoot.

Connect with me for the full product guide.

Ready to create the photoshoot of your dreams?

Schedule your consultation now

A side posed woman with blonde hair holding her arm on a London boudoir photoshoot

"Siorna made me feel very comfortable in her studio."


a woman holding her hands up with a serene expression in a bodysuit on a London boudoir photography photoshoot

"Fun and Empowering...I highly recommend."


A London boudoir photography photoshoot showing back and shoulders in black and white

"Siorna captured me in the best of lights."


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Doing something out of your comfort zone is always a bit nerve-wracking. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Together we’ve got this! There are plenty of opportunities for us to chat before the shoot and plan this together so you know what to expect. As well as photographing many people, I’ve experienced a boudoir photo shoot myself. I understand the range of feelings. I’ve got you.

A: Yes! I work with a few fabulous hair and makeup artists. They specialise in fashion, editorial and bridal make-up. They have every scenario and skin tone covered. Hair and Makeup can be an additional ‘Add on’ or treat yourself to a full pamper treatment and select the Glam Luxe Package.

A: YES! I love to and this is all part of the London boudoir experience. We have a style consult to discuss the looks and moods of your session. This includes discussing lingerie, oversized shirts, blazers, silk scarfs and bedsheets. From your styling consult, I’ll create a tailored packing list so you know what to bring on the day.

A: First off, AMAZING! I’m really excited to work with you. To book me for your session, simply send me an email saying “Let’s do this!!”. I’ll send you everything you need to get yourself on my calendar.

A: I do edit your photographs. My approach to editing your body, however, is always a conversation so that I can respect your wishes. My editing style focuses on a photograph of you on your best day.

These are the things that I will usually edit:

  • Light levels
  • Correct skin tone colour
  • Correct makeup
  • Remove stray hairs
  • Neaten and smooth clothing
  • Change to black and white

Unless you ask me otherwise, I will also remove the following:

  • Bruises
  • Spots

I leave moles and scars unless you tell me otherwise.

The top 5 things I most frequently get asked to tweak are:

  • Add volume to my hair
  • Slim my arms
  • Slim my waist
  • Smooth my skin
  • Reduce or remove my wrinkle lines

You can read more about my approach to editing in my blog post ‘Do you edit my boudoir photographs?’

A: Not without consent. I take your privacy very seriously. All the images you see on my website or social media have the expressed written permission of the client. Some of my clients like to share their images to inspire and empower others to do a boudoir photoshoot session as well, others save the images for themselves. Whatever you decide, I will honour your decision!

I have worked in London museums (the British Museum and Natural History Museum) and know the importance of quality printed work for your memories. Your printed products are handcrafted to museum standards by a multi-award-winning printing laboratory.

The best-selling product is an 8×8 black vegan leather photograph album. There is also a range of frames and wall art available. These art products are as special as your photoshoot. You can see these in person at the studio.

A: Of course! You have personal printing rights for the images you purchase and can print those files on your own. That being said, I would urge you to consider purchasing through me if you want the best product quality and long-term value.  I use the best photo labs in the industry, and if you were to see the difference between my labs and Snappy Snaps, you’d be shocked by the difference. While it is completely optional, I would say if you’ve taken the time and care to book me, you’ll love seeing your custom art in high-quality prints.

After 3 months, I delete photographs you did not purchase from my hard drives and backup services. I will send an email before I delete anything forever!
I store the photographs you did purchase indefinitely in case you need additional copies.

Clients are usually here for 2 or 2.5 hours. This included changing times and 2 studio lighting looks.
When you hire hair and makeup this can take 1 hour. You sit back and relax with sparking wine and music. It’s a bit of a pamper session!

You receive a contact sheet with small thumbnails over email. Most of my clients then hop on a video call and we select the images together. It gives them a better look at the photographs. It’s also an opportunity to request specific editing.

You can choose your collection straight from the thumbnails over email.

Why you

shouldn't wait...

At this point, you may be feeling a little nervous about reaching out for your boudoir photoshoot. You may even be thinking I’ll wait another 6 months until I look as good as the women on this page. You may be saying you’re not skinny enough or not curvy enough. This is all lies.

Here’s one thing I want you to know about this boudoir photography experience. It is 100% about and for you.

Your London Boudoir Experience will allow you to rediscover who you were before you were told you were too loud, too bossy, too quiet, too big, too thin, too risk-averse, too nice, too difficult, or simply too much.

Your journey and relationship with your body will be different to the next person. The desire to celebrate and restore a connection with yourself is something you will have in common with all the women you see in this gallery.

I respect your boundaries so that you can come away feeling confident and empowered.

a black nd white photograph of a woman looking up with her arm raised on a london boudoir photography photoshoot

Yes, this is me!

It's one of my many boudoir selfies.If I can do it, so can you!

Are you ready? Leave your info!

A London photographer with camera at a London headshot photoshoot.

I'm excited to create a Boudoir experience for you!