Why do you offer a painterly look for boudoir art?

One of the unique things about me is that I used to work in Museums. I’ve worked at both the Natural History Museum and the British Museum. I studied Archaeology and Ancient History at Durham University and later a Master’s in Museums at UCL.

I fell in love with the human form studying Ancient Greece and Rome. The sculptures like the Parthenon Marbles still awe and inspire me.

I was later fascinated with how Renaissance painters created depth with their paintings. The subjects looked so life-like on a flat canvas. The Renaissance was also a time when ideas of self-belief and loving the human form became popular!  

I wanted to achieve this sense of beauty and meaning in my photography using connection, light, and colour.

An Indian woman looking over her shoulder in drapery on a boudoir art london photoshoot.

The Ravishing Renaissance Collection!

Below are images from clients who have chosen the “Ravishing Renaissance” look! The carousel will scroll.

The biggest benefit of this Boudoir art style

One of the great things about this style of Boudoir art is that it offers an opportunity for a little more modesty.

You can be playfully wrapped in silk chiffon, while still in control of how much you want to show.

It looks elegant and classy.

With my Boudoir Experience, you are always in control and we always stay in your comfort zone. We talk about this before you even come to the Studio!

an asian woman draped in pink silk on a chair as boudoir art

I want different boudoir art. Do you offer more than the painterly look?

Yes! I have a few signature lighting styles for you to choose from. You get to choose which style makes you feel powerful. ‘Ravishing Renaissance’ or the painterly boudoir art style, is one of them.

I decided to create different looks because Boudoir is a unique milestone. After years of photographing Boudoir, I realised that different lighting styles speak to different people. It helps them feel empowered.

I tailor every photo shoot to you. This is why I include a style consult in the experience. It’s why you share images you love with me before the photoshoot. You can show me poses, outfits or lighting that you find powerful.

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