Or as I love to call it, something “Uniquely You!"

Looking for boudoir photo ideas? Have a specific idea and need a photographer to make your vision happen? I tailor all my boudoir photoshoots to you.

This is your opportunity to create something uniquely you.

The Uniquely You Collection!

Below are images from clients who chose something a little different. We can recreate this type of look or create something uniquely you! The carousel will scroll.

How do you decide on your Boudoir photo ideas?

When I started Boudoir it came from a personal journey to accept my own body.

My boudoir photoshoot transformed me. It removed so much body shame. I started wearing the clothes I loved, walking taller down the street and sharing myself more.

This is a life event I want you to experience. Even if your reason isn’t the same as mine. I know Boudoir gives a confidence boost and helps you connect with yourself.

Offering one style of Boudoir wouldn’t be enough. I have developed three different signature looks to empower. Yet that still didn’t feel enough. So, I started to blend ideas from my client’s inspiration boards! 

Boudoir photo ideas of a black woman in black silk lying on the floor

Building inspiration boards to create new boudoir photo ideas

This Boudoir experience includes a style consult. To prepare for this, I ask you to send me photographs you find empowering. Some people build Pinterest Boards, others send a few via email. I talk about the reasons I do this in a blog post How to make a Pinterest Mood Board for your Photoshoot

These pictures tell us all kinds of things, from poses to wardrobe ideas. They can also tell me a style of photography you really like. This is where I’ve been able to take the lighting and prop ideas and create something unique for you.

Boudoir photo ideas of a black woman on a chair with leaf pattern

What are your other signature styles? I want these boudoir photo ideas too!

Yes! I have a few signature lighting styles for you to choose from. You get to choose which style makes you feel powerful.

Learn more about your Boudoir Experience here > Boudoir 

an asian woman in black underwear lying on a bed from a london boudoir photography photoshoot