The Uniquely You Collection!

Below are images from clients who chose something a little different. We can recreate this type of look or create something uniquely you! The carousel will scroll.

How do you decide on your Boudoir photo ideas?

When I started Boudoir it came from a personal journey to accept my own body.

My boudoir photoshoot transformed me. It removed so much body shame. I started wearing the clothes I loved, walking taller down the street and sharing myself more.

This is a life event I want you to experience. Even if your reason isn’t the same as mine. I know Boudoir gives a confidence boost and helps you connect with yourself.

Offering one style of Boudoir wouldn’t be enough. People feel powerful in different ways and offering different styles allows you to tap into that.

I have developed three different signature looks to empower. Yet that still didn’t feel enough. So, I started to blend ideas from other photography traditions.

Below are three more ideas that I love to offer for your boudoir experience.

a curvy woman lying down in lingerie and stockings on a london boudoir photography experience.
water droplets running down skin showing boudoir photo ideas

Red Lights

Embrace your sensuality and boost self-confidence using warm, sultry red lighting. You’ll be amazed how quickly you feel confident posing with red lights.

The colour adds a sense of mystery, desire, and sensuality to your boudoir experience.

Red can be both romantic and dangerous at the same time.

Choosing this look will create some effortlessly unique and evocative photographs.

a woman in red light in a lingerie set with tattoos on a unique boudoir photoshoot.

Old Hollywood Vibes

In my quest to empower everyone through boudoir photography, I infuse that classic Hollywood vibe with a touch of modern flair.

While photography trends are constantly changing, there’s something undeniably timeless about the allure of Old Hollywood.

This is about creating a captivating visual story that leaves you wondering – what’s the tale behind the lens?

The intense shadows and light play adds depth that makes every image striking.

This style is for you if you want something effortlessly timeless.

a woman sat on satin curtains with old hollywood lighting from a london boudoir photography photoshoot.

Smouldering Sunlight

Adding a touch of window light has become one of my most popular requests.

Here in the UK, we can’t be guaranteed good weather, so this sunlight effect is created with my studio lights!

I can project the sunlight onto walls, floors and across beds for a romantic, smouldering look.

an asian boudoir photography session using sunlight and a bed

Sensual Water

Showcase your skin and collarbones against glistening water droplets.

This look is a lot of fun to create together and the results, which combine my dark and sultry lighting style, never fail to disappoint.

It’s a top request for people looking to create anonymous art to hang on their walls.

a black bra and a neck in with water dropplets on a london boudoir photshoot


Using Props like flowers and vinyl records in a boudoir photoshoot can enhance the aesthetic and add a personal touch.

Flowers bring natural beauty and softness, while vinyls evoke a nostalgic, intimate vibe. These elements help create a unique, tailored experience that beautifully captures your individuality.

a black woman holding a vinyl for a boudoir photo idea

Building inspiration boards to create new boudoir photo ideas

This Boudoir experience includes a style consult. To prepare for this, I ask you to send me photographs you find empowering. Some people build Pinterest Boards, others send a few via email. I talk about the reasons I do this in a blog post How to make a Pinterest Mood Board for your Photoshoot

These pictures tell us all kinds of things, from poses to wardrobe ideas. They can also tell me a style of photography you really like. This is where I’ve been able to take the lighting and prop ideas and create something unique for you.

Boudoir photo ideas of a black woman on a chair with leaf pattern

What are your other signature styles? I want these boudoir photo ideas too!

Yes! I have a few signature lighting styles for you to choose from. You get to choose which style makes you feel powerful.

Learn more about your Boudoir Experience here > Boudoir 

an asian woman in black underwear lying on a bed from a london boudoir photography photoshoot