Boudoir Poses | 6 poses to help you look your best!

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Boudoir Poses

Your boudoir photoshoot is a very special milestone.
When deciding which photographer to hire, it’s important that they can support you with boudoir poses.
Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and many of my clients have never posed properly before (if you discount selfies!)
Posing is about using the naturally flattering angles of your body to convey your personality and enhance the beauty of the image.
We aren’t all the same and not all poses look great on every body type.
This is where I can help to find those angles and help reveal the inner you in a single photograph.
All good photographers should have several posing suggestions to help you on the day.
a black woman seated on the floor for boudoir poses at a London photoshoot
boudoir poses showing a black woman in black silk lying on the floor
boudoir poses showing a black woman standing in a black body suit
boudoir poses showing a black woman seated in a black body suit on a stool.

Boudoir Poses and Confidence

A boudoir pose can make or break your photograph.

I am always looking for elegant and confident poses that leave some things up to the imagination.
We will still be playful with the styles and I will always be looking for the most flattering pose for your body type.

Boudoir Poses | 6 Poses

I have compiled 6 of my favourite poses into a handy guide. It shows you how I can help shape your body in the most flattering way!

These ideas are where I generally start a pose, and we move and find variations of these poses together.
I’ve shared two examples of standing, seated and floor boudoir poses as a small taster!
I decided to share boudoir poses that might also be helpful in your daily life too, especially the seated poses.

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a black woman lying in boudoir poses on the floor at a London boudoir photoshoot