Why black and white boudoir photography?

Boudoir is an expression of power, control, and self-confidence.

It can help you to reconnect with your body in a safe space.

It can also empower you for change and new challenges in your life.

Without colour, black-and-white photography helps you focus on this connection and form.

Using black and white for your boudoir photographs will help you reveal your story and uncover shapes and textures you may miss from a colour photograph.

A black woman sat on the floor on a black and white boudoir photography photoshoot.

The Bombshell Collection!

Below are images from clients who have chosen the “Bombshell Black and White” look! The carousel will scroll.

Black and white boudoir photography is also great at...

… showing form and texture. Without colour, our eyes naturally start to see shapes and patterns in photographs. This is perfect to show details on lingerie, props or backgrounds.

I’m always trying to achieve a certain look with my black-and-white boudoir photography.

For me, a great black-and-white photograph has strong tonal contrast. Contrast simply means difference.

‘Tonal contrast’ refers to the different tones of brightness and darkness in a picture.

I think a good black-and-white image has a strong black point, a bright white point and many greys between.

This makes a picture feel rich and deep. It makes me want to look at it longer.

Do you offer more than black-and-white boudoir photography?

Yes! I have a few signature lighting styles for you to choose from. You get to choose which style makes you feel powerful. Black and white, or ‘Bombshell Black and White’ is one of them.

I decided to create different looks because Boudoir is a unique milestone and I wanted to make the experience unique for you.

I tailor every photo shoot to you. This is why I include a style consult in the experience. It’s why you share images you love with me before the photoshoot. You can show me poses, outfits or lighting that you find powerful.

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