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What backdrops can I use at your London Studio Photography Experience?

Paper and Canvas

Choose different backgrounds for your studio photoshoot. Select neutral greys and whites to warmer tones like a mocha oyster.
 These backdrops are perfect for LinkedIn, and social media profiles. The simplicity means that your audience will focus on you rather than the background.
 I also have a variety of canvas backgrounds. These are hand-painted backdrops that uplift any photograph. They add depth and texture while offering a range of moods.
 Authors, Entrepreneurs and Management Leaders favour a few shots with these backdrops.

Wallpaper, Curtains & Vintage chairs

For Boudoir and creative photoshoots, I have several props and backgrounds. Choose Victorian wallpaper, gold curtains, or a bed with an oak headboard. I also have flowers and vintage chairs. I love my vintage chairs. I think I’d rescue them first if there was a fire! I have them in green, gold and red. The canvas and paper backgrounds are also heavily favoured.

What facilities do you have at your London Studio Photography Experience?

Private Changing Room

I have a private changing room next to the studio space for you to use.

Hangers are ready and I often steam my client’s shirts or outfits if they get a little rumpled on the journey. I‘m pretty great at subtly photoshopping out creases or marks on your clothing though. So it really isn’t a big problem.

There are also several mirrors, including a full-length mirror in the changing room.

I also have a hairdryer on the occasions the London weather catches you out on the way! It’s happened a few times and it only takes a few extra minutes to get dry.

This London studio photography experience is about you. It’s not rushed. We take our time so that you get the photographs you’ll love using for years to come.

Private Bathroom

There is also a private bathroom that has a mirror with lighting.

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What else do you offer at your London studio photography?


Refreshments like still and sparking water and peppermint tea are on offer. These drinks won’t stain your teeth or if they spill on your clothes they can be easily cleaned!

I do have coffee and tea, so if you absolutely need that caffeine hit I’ve got you covered.

The Boudoir Experience comes with complimentary sparking wine!

A woman wrapped in a canvas for a fine art London boudoir photography photoshoot


We also play your favourite music. This will get you in the right headspace to make a connection. It also helps you to feel relaxed during your photoshoot.

I have several Spotify lists, but I always recommend you play the music you love to get you in the Zone.

My music taste is quite varied. I love J and K Pop, Classical, Jazz, Strong female pop music to 70’s rock. No music is embarrassing, and I love being introduced to new genres.

You’d be surprised how many men have been in my studio and asked for Taylor Swift. She’s an uplifting queen! Why wouldn’t you love her music!

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A woman with wavy dark hair in a cream outfit sitting on a cream chair in a lonson studio photography photoshoot

"Her warm and welcoming nature made me feel relaxed and at ease the moment I stepped into her beautiful studio."

“The photoshoot experience with Siorna was excellent from start to finish. Her warm and welcoming nature made me feel relaxed and at ease the moment I stepped into her beautiful studio. She put a lot of effort into a seamless and flowing experience with a lot of attention to detail. Be it a drinks menu, a welcome sign with my name and making sure that hair, clothing and posture was looking amazing.

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