Tasteful Nude Photos! Or as I like to call it, the Dark and Sultry style.

Are you looking for tasteful nude photos?

Do you want to celebrate yourself, but are not seeing a style you like?

Do you feel nervous about showing all of your body?

If any of these reasons are holding you back from a boudoir photoshoot, then I have the style for you.

The Dark and Sultry Collection!

Below are images from clients who chose the dark and sultry style to create tasteful photos.

How do you create tasteful nude photos?

I create tasteful nude photos by using light to outline the shape of your body.

The end result is a strip of brilliant light wrapped around your incredible form.

The rest is plunged into brilliant blackness.

I use studio lights to achieve the effect and it can look like the photographs on this page.

Do I have to be nude?

No. Absolutely not. My boudoir style leaves things to the imagination.

You can wear underwear, bandeau tops or drape yourself in silk.

We talk about wardrobe and style before you come to the studio for your photoshoot.

a tasteful nude photo using silhouette lighting

What’s the benefit of this type of tasteful nude photos?

If you’re like me, you might not be the most confident person. You might feel a little shy about revealing your body.

This style is perfect for creating tasteful nude photos that leave things to the imagination.

It’s also the style I chose for my very first boudoir photoshoot.

I got started in boudoir after I took my own boudoir photos. It has changed my life! But back then, I was someone who was very critical of my body. I gave myself a hard time and had a lot of body shame.

This style felt safer to me. As a lot of my body would be in shadow, I would only focus on the bits that I loved most.

This style was my gateway to taking more confident photographs of myself.

a woman in window light in a tasteful nude photo

Tasteful nude photos as art.

Not everyone’s reasons for Boudoir are as complicated as mine.

A lot of the incredible people in my galleries have a wonderful headspace about their bodies! They inspire me every time.

The dark and sultry style is a perfect tasteful nude photo style.  It will allow you to create a photograph that is truly unique to you. One that you can hang on your wall as art.

a womans back with freckles and tattoo in a tasteful nude photo

What are your other signature styles? I want these boudoir photo ideas too!

Yes! I have a few signature lighting styles for you to choose from. You get to choose which style makes you feel powerful.

Learn more about your Boudoir Experience here > Boudoir 

A woman wrapped in a canvas for a fine art London boudoir photography photoshoot