Boudoir Makeup Looks | Do I need professional hair and makeup?

For me, the most important part of a boudoir photoshoot is not the hair and makeup. Its not the lingeire either. It’s creating a comfortable atmosphere where you can express yourself authentically.

I don’t think it matters if you prefer a natural look. Or if you enjoy doing your own hair and makeup.

And I dont think you have to hire one of my professional hair and makeup team to pamper you on the day.

What is most important…

…is creating an experience that empowers and celebrates you from start to finish.

Can I add hair and makeup?

Yes! I offer professional hair and makeup as an add on to your experience.

Since this is an additional service, I thought I’d share a few thoughts from clients on the reasons why they chose to go for it!

“It was a confidence boost.”

- Isabella

Boudoir makeup looks created by a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) can work wonders in boosting your confidence. Even the most confident clients have had a few jitters when they first step into the studio.

Having your hair styled and enhancing your natural features with makeup can give a small confidence boost!

A woman having her hair and boudoir makeup looks done on a London boudoir photography photoshoot

“I loved being pampered!”

– Shannon

A boudoir photoshoot is about more than just taking pictures. It’s about creating a memorable and transformative experience. By providing hair and makeup services this is a full on pamper session!

You can relax with a glass of sparkling wine knowing you are in the hands of skilled professionals. They will understand the Boudoir makeup look and style we’ve chosen and any specific requirements you have.

In the past it has set the stage for a luxurious and indulgent experience client’s don’t forget.

A woman smiling with her hand to her lips showing boudoir makeup looks on a London boudoir photoshoot

“Total professional look!”

- Maura

My team work on TV, Bridal and Fashion photoshoots. They are experts in their field and can turn their hand to any style. No matter your skin tone, gender or ethnicity, my team will always make you feel and look fabulous. They use high-quality products and techniques to create flawless finishes. These can withstand the lights and lens, resulting in stunning photographs.

I am very lucky to work with them and they offer so many great tips along the way. I’ve personally learnt so much from just listening to them talk to clients before a photoshoot!

A woman in white lingerie holding flowers showing boudoir makeup looks on a London boudoir photoshoot

How does it work?

You add Hair and Makeup to your package!

From your style consult, we’ll both understand what types of boudoir makeup look will work. We even find reference pictures to show the HMUA.

I make sure to understand any allergies or preferences and I let the HMUA know in advance!

On the day, your hair and makeup are first and usually add 1 hr to the time you spend in the studio.

A woman having her boudoir make up looks done on a boudoir photoshoot

Final Thoughts!

Choosing the perfect boudoir makeup look adds an extra layer of confidence and transformation.

This additional service provides an unforgettable time that leaves you feeling beautiful, confident, and celebrated in every way.

I firmly believe your boudoir session is about capturing your genuine self, regardless of the makeup choices you make.

So, whether you opt for mesmerising boudoir makeup looks or prefer a more natural approach, the focus remains on celebrating and empowering you to feel confident!


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A woman wrapped in a canvas for a fine art London boudoir photography photoshoot