Plus Size Boudoir Photographer | What the heck is 'plus size' anyway?

I don’t know what ‘plus size’ means. Where does the plus start? What’s the difference between plus-size, curvy, and mid-size?

I think these are important questions to ask because language matters.

There are people who speak eloquently about body positivity. Who speak about body neutrality and what the heck plus size means.

There are authorities who have spent time living, researching and advocating on these subjects.

I wouldn’t call myself that kind of authority.

I am not a body positivity expert!

I am someone who lives day by day trying to stay grateful for my own body. Through boudoir, I actively encourage others to do the same. For me, I know menopause is the next big development in my life and I need to get strong, not thin, to combat it.

While I may not be a body positivity authority, when it comes to boudoir photography, I can say with confidence, that your body size doesn’t matter.

This experience is how you feel, where you are with your body journey and where you want to be.

A plus size boudoir photographer sitting on a green chair in pink silk.

Why have I called this blog plus size boudoir photographer?

I chose “plus size boudoir photographer” as the title because Google says this is a term people search. As a small business, I’m going to use the keyword so that i might get noticed. However, I’ve photographed enough women to know that how you feel about your body is way more important than your size.

Unlike other photographers, I understand the desire to create intimate portraits while struggling with body image. Taking my own boudoir photographs helped me heal my own body negativity.

I take out my own boudoir photographs whenever I need a confidence boost!

This is how I know you want to show your best side and feel empowered. That you’re looking for a safe space to reconnect with your desirable self. You want to create images to look back on and know ‘I am beautiful’.

If this is what it means to be a plus-size boudoir photographer, then that’s me.

The 'plus size boudoir photographer' experience

This boudoir experience is the same regardless of gender, skin type or whether you’re looking specifically for a plus size boudoir photographer.

I consider myself plus size, how do I decide on a look?

Your Boudoir experience is tailored to you. We dive into the posing, colours, moods and lighting you feel connected to.

I ask you to pick a few photographs that inspire you. Using these we talk about your style on a video call. We’ll choose wardrobe pieces and set design together. You’ll know exactly what to expect and what to bring for your day!

What kind of images inspire you? You make a mood board or send a few pictures of boudoir pics you really like. We’ll use these as inspiration. They will tell us a lot about posing and the levels of nudity you are comfortable with.

We also take colours and your skin tone into consideration. Are we looking for a colour harmony of a black and white tonal contrast?  These concepts are the secret sauce on top of a good photograph, and we plan this together.

A woman with folded arms looking at the camera on a chair in golden tones on a plus size boudoir photographer photoshoot in London

I consider myself plus size and I don’t know how to pose. Will you help?

Yes! I understand this question better than most, being curvy myself. I’m someone who tries to always hide my tummy. Fear not! You don’t have to know how to pose…not even a little bit.

I will walk you through every step of the way. I will get into the poses myself and have you mirror me. If we didn’t get it right on the first try, I’ll gently redirect you. It’s not your job to take amazing photos, it’s mine. I’m here to find the angles that flatter you, so that I can show how your loved ones see you every day.

a woman lying down with red hair wrapped in silk on a plus size boudoir photographer photoshoot

Final Thoughts!

Your body size does not matter. What matters is the connection and space to embrace yourself.

When taking your photographs, the most important thing for me is that you feel comfortable. I’m here to help you lean into the experience and have fun.

Learn more about your Boudoir Experience here > Boudoir 

A woman wrapped in a canvas for a fine art London boudoir photography photoshoot
"Siorna made me feel really comfortable whilst also making it fun, and reflected a lot of my personality in her photos. I loved having my hair and make-up done by Lillie Lindh too. The end result is stunning (if I can say that!!)."