"Anyone who knows me will be aware of just how much I hate having my photo taken! Can not thank Siorna enough - this is hands down the best photo anyone has ever taken of me!!"

— Pamela R, Greater London Assembly candidate, 2021
Business and Headshot session

A woman's London headshot photo with a bright shirt and necklace smiling

Helping clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera is my main motivation.

This is why my photoshoot sessions involve video or phone calls to talk about what you might like, how you might want to be styled, what kind of images you love and how you will display your portraits.

My favourite part of the consultation is being shown outfits you love, either on the call or afterwards from photographs. I love thinking about complimentary colours, the right lighting, or textures that will enhance your portrait.

Many people feel they need to lose weight before they commit to a photoshoot or worry that they won’t look good. I understand these thoughts because they are my own too. I picked up the camera in my teen years in the hope I would never be in another photograph! These feelings spurred me to train and to gain experience in posing people of all body types.

We plan posing, colours and moods in advance so that you know what to expect. You can walk into the studio, knowing me a little better, enjoy a coffee or tea while getting ready and relax into some music of your own choice. You can take as much time as you need and we will create photographs that will last a lifetime.

Clients who fall into this category.

If you’d like a portrait and this sounds like an experience for you, please reach out for an obligation free consultation.