Start with Comfort and Confidence

The best boudoir photos begin with comfort and I always recommend beginning with your favourite lingerie set. The one that you love and makes you feel unstoppable.

It could be anything from delicate lace to high-waisted black pants. The magic of these photos comes from how you feel wearing them. If you’re comfortable and confident, it shines through in every image.

a red lacy bra to show where to buy boudoir outfits

Lingerie Shops for Every Style and Size

When searching for lingerie, it’s essential to find shops that offer a range of styles and, importantly, sizes. The perfect piece of lingerie should not only look stunning but also fit you like a second skin.

Over the years my clients and my Facebook group have strongly recommended these brands to me. They cater to diverse body types, ensuring that you can find a perfect fit.

Here is a list of shops to answer the question “Where to buy boudoir outfits”. In alphabetical order:

Where to Buy Boudoir Outfits?

This place is a little bit special. It’s luxurious and sensual. The price range can get up there too, but I always wait for their sales! They pay particular attention to details and their collections are beautiful.

Bluebella for sensuality and daring. They’re known for contemporary fashion elements, detailed with ribbons, floral patterns, lace, and geometric designs.

Bravissimo describe their mission as ‘to inspire women with big boobs to feel amazing’. You can shop by brand here like Curvy Kate and Fraya, so it’s perfect to search from one shop!

Curvy Kate, if you’re D-K cup they may have what you need. They have t-shirt, balconies, plunge and bralettes to match high-waist knickers or thongs. They also do sexier lingerie with sheer body suits or the full lingerie set and suspenders.

Elomi, again embracing the curves up to a K cup. They’re known for bold designs that project strength and confidence. At the time of writing, they also do virtual bra fittings.

Freya have a little bit of everything, for work, for family time and very pretty plunge bras. They also have an advice section that explains a lot of terminology and bra shapes. I found this very useful!

Honey Birdette. Are you ready for sizzle and daring? This is the store.

Naughty Knickers is the perfect name for this website! They have wonderful stuff here and they also sell other luxury lingerie brands such as Agent Provocateur, Coco de Mer, and Fleur of England!

Savage X Fenty by Rhianna. You know it’s going to be stylish and comfortable. What’s great about this website is you can shop by category and by keyword. So you can select I want ‘sexy’, ‘cute’ or ‘extra’ and it will filter for you (at the time of writing)!

Stripe & Stare for comfort, youth and a natural look. They describe their underwear as the option inbetween ultra sexy and ultra frumpy.’

Some Other Styles to Think About

My personal favourite: The body suit

I love a body suit. They suit every shape and curve. They come in so many different styles from lacy to sheer to halter neck.

They’re also great for those of us still working on loving our tummies.

a woman reclinign on a gold chair in a body suit sugesting where to buy boudoir outfits

White Shirt Look

Another iconic look to consider is the oversized white shirt.

The loose fabric can be played with to reveal or conceal, creating a dance of light and shadow that’s both provocative and classy.

Paired with black lingerie the simplicity of the look leads to striking statements.

Many clients have borrowed their white shirt from partners, husbands, brothers and friends!

a white shirt and black underwear to show where to buy boudoir outfits


While lingerie is a staple in boudoir photography, the outfits need not be limited to bras and panties.

For a different take, consider the timeless elegance of drapery for painterly styles.

Drapery can create soft lines and add a classical, sculptural feel to your photos, giving them an artistic edge.

I have plenty of these in the studio.

an asian woman in pink drapery on a green chair to show where to buy boudoir outfits

Bringing Your Vision to Life

A boudoir photoshoot is a collaborative journey. From the initial style consultation to the final shot, your vision is the guiding force. This helpful guide on where to buy your boudoir outfits should give you a great starting point.

We’ll work together to create a collection of images that reflects your unique beauty and personality.

You’ll be involved in every step of the process, from selecting outfits to choosing poses that showcase your individuality and grace.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Boudoir Outfits

I hope this has given you a really good starting point on where to buy boudoir outfits.

Selecting your boudoir outfits should be an experience as personalized and unique as the photoshoot itself. Finding the right place to purchase your attire is just the beginning. By embracing the pieces you already love and combining them with new finds, your boudoir photos will capture your body and your style as well.

Remember, the goal of boudoir photography is to celebrate you. Whether you’re wrapped in luxurious lace or the classic simplicity of a white shirt, your comfort and confidence are what will bring your photos to life. With the right outfit, a touch of creativity, and a photographer who understands your vision, your boudoir photos will be as unforgettable as the journey you’re on.

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