This Experience is for Every Body!

Something that comes up quickly with Asian boudoir clients is a concern that their skin won’t look good.

They have expressed a worry that photographers won’t be able to show the natural beauty of their skin tone.

Boudoir photography focuses on skin and the form of your body.

Making sure all skin types are represented and treated sensitively is a major goal for me.

Asian boudoir is no different.

I have years of experience in lighting, and sensitively editing skin of all types.

Your boudoir experience is your gateway to confidence. It is not restricted to any one body or skin type.

An Indian woman looking over her shoulder in drapery on a boudoir art london photoshoot.

“Will my skin look good on camera?”.

Yes! It absolutely will! I photograph women with all skin tones and they all look beautiful!

The painterly style

When AX first contacted me, she was drawn to my painterly style. I call this the ‘Ravishing Renaissance’ style.

She loved the softness, canvases, and drapery, but worried her skin wouldn’t suit the style.

It’s true that this style is heavily influenced by European paintings, but it does suit all skin types.

An asian boudoir photograph with a woman seated on a couch in pink drapery

Backlit beauty

Asian boudoir also looks stunning with a backlit look. This is when we shine light from behind your body.

If we throw a little creative light in the front like in this picture, we can create something special for you.

Again, Asian skin looks beautiful with this style too.

an aisan lady in underwear on a n asian boudoir photography session.

Bombshell black and white

Asian skin also looks great in black and white.

Black and white can really create stunning tonal contrast with asian skin.

Black and white also reveals texture from your wardrobe and really pops without colour.

an indian woman raising her arms in a corset sitting on a vintage chair on a London boudoir photoshoot

Creative light

Asian boudoir photography also looks magical when we throw in some creative light. Especially with warmer tones. Here I’m using studio lights to create morning window light.

The British weather is unpredictable, and our photo shoot can’t always happen at 7 am! By using studio lighting I can offer you a variety of looks, including the ‘just got out of bed in the warm sunlight’ vibe.

an asian woman in black underwear lying on a bed in sunlight on a london boudoir photography photoshoot

Asian Boudoir

an asian lady on a bed from an asian boudoir photography session.

"She helped me feel confident and beautiful."

“I’m so happy I went with Siorna. Not only is she extremely talented at what she does, but she’s such a warm, welcoming presence. Siorna calmed my nerves and was super accommodating to my requests and most importantly, she helped me feel confident and beautiful. I’m grateful for both a set of gorgeous photos and a new friend!”

Ashley - Boudoir

Listening to your needs

Before our photoshoot together we have many opportunities to talk about the experience. We have video calls and a style consult before the photoshoot.

I also offer a video chat before you book. This is so you can meet me, ask any questions, and make sure you’re completely comfortable before booking.

I’ve designed the experience so that you feel comfortable before you even step into the studio. We discuss styles, colours, wardrobe and even props. You’ll know exactly what to expect before your special day.

I’ve found this helps you become more comfortable and relax into the photoshoot faster. The complimentary sparkling wine also helps!

If you’d like to see more photographs with the different types of posing visit my Boudoir Gallery.

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