Boudoir photography is the milestone that can help you love your body.

I say this without any hesitation because I’ve lived this. When I took my own boudoir photographs I started to love my body that much more.

“It was my body milestone”.

Before my boudoir photoshoot

Before my first boudoir photoshoot, I spent most of my days hating certain parts of my body. I always felt like the biggest person in the room, and I avoided full-length mirrors at all costs.

I had been urged to get a proper diagnosis of body dysmorphia for a few years, which I had ignored.

Instead, I carried on with my mean thoughts for a few more years. Finally becoming frustrated and exhausted by the whole thing.

It didn’t matter how many times people used encouraging words.  Nothing could shift the negative feelings and guilt I felt towards my physical body.

a woman in pink lingerie and neckalce with the idea to love your body with a boudoir photoshoot

My boudoir photography was born!

And then, the inevitable happened. As a portrait photographer, I needed business portraits. I needed to show up for my business.

I set time aside and took my business portrait. They were those classic photographer selfie photographs of me smiling and holding a camera. I strategically hid my tummy behind a desk. I used ALL the posing tricks I’d learnt over 6 years of photographing people to get one photograph I liked. You can see these photos on my home and contact page.

And then a thought struck me. I hate my body so much; I’m going to photograph it. All of it.

I’m going to photograph my body with shadow and light. I’m going to get creative with how I display myself. I’m going to use this moment to connect with myself and see how I feel.

My boudoir photography was born!

a pair of legs in silhouette with the idea to love your body with tasteful boudoir photographs

Love your body with style

Since then, I’ve photographed many women of all shapes and sizes, using a variety of lighting styles. I’ve used my own experience to understand that there are ways to help you love your body by using different lighting styles and set designs.

I use “Silhouette” to shape the body with light and shadow.

I use a “Painterly” effect to give a soft romantic flair with canvas backgrounds and fabrics. Taking inspiration from renaissance painters.

I use “backlighting” to provide a light airy ethereal look. This can look really effective against drapery.

I also provide classic Black and White photography for a timeless, elegant look.

Above all, I aim to make people feel comfortable and create photographs they would consider art.

a woman holding fabric against her body with the idea to love your body with a boudoir photoshoot

Love your body testimonials

Yvonne - Boudoir

"I can't believe that's me. It's honestly been such a journey. Thank you so much."

a black and white picture of a woman with bra and hoop earrings with rim lighting on a London boudoir photography photoshoot.

No magical pill to love your body

Body dysmorphia and mental health are not magically fixed by one boudoir photoshoot. If only loving your body was that simple.

Yet, speaking from personal experience, boudoir can help you love your body more.

These photographs are my marker in the sand. I look back at them whenever I need a confidence boost. They remind me to be kinder to myself.

Since my boudoir photoshoot, I have started to walk taller down the street. I’ve started to wear vest tops and the dresses I want. Now, I feel gratitude and happiness towards my body, rather than feeling at war with it.

I still have bad days, where my thoughts drift into negativity. That’s where the photographs really start to help.

Your boudoir photography experience can help you love your body. They can be your milestone on a new path to loving yourself.

If you’d like to see more photographs with the different types of posing visit my Boudoir Gallery.

a woman in window light with the idea to love your body with a black and white boudoir photoshoot

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