The Power of Vulnerability

Boudoir can allow you to unveil the layers of your personality and emotions.

When you step into this intimate studio setting, you’re embracing vulnerability.

It can allow your true self to shine through.

Together we capture your essence, showcasing your strength, resilience, and authenticity.

photography of lady in a chair looking sidewards
An indian woman in a corset on a boudoir photoshoot in London

"I felt like a superwoman walking out of the studio."

I felt like a superwoman walking out of the studio. I’m a mum of two and for the afternoon I got to find myself again the inner me. When I look at the pictures, I see how beautiful I am.

Rose - London Boudoir Photography

Empowerment Beyond Beauty

Boudoir photography transcends the conventional definition of beauty.

It’s not about conforming to societal standards; it’s about embracing your uniqueness.

Regardless of age, shape, size, or gender, boudoir empowers you to love yourself as you are.

It reminds you that your journey, with all its imperfections and scars, is beautiful and worth celebrating.

A curvy woman in lingerie seated on a boudoir photoshoot in London
a curvy woman lying down in lingerie and stockings on a london boudoir photography experience.

"New found confidence and self-love."

“As a curvy girl I can’t say I wasn’t apprehensive (because I was!) I couldn’t have had a better experience. 

You go in feeling a little shy and uneasy and come out with a new found confidence and self-love!”

Claire - London Boudoir Photography

Healing Through Photography

For many, a boudoir photoshoot serves as a powerful tool for healing. It can help individuals overcome body image issues, and past traumas, or simply boost their self-esteem.

The act of baring your soul in front of the camera can be cathartic, helping you let go of insecurities and embrace self-love.

Your photos become a testament to your strength and resilience.

a black and white picture of a woman with bra and hoop earrings with rim lighting on a London boudoir photography photoshoot.
A woman on a golden chair with a gold background on a boudoir photoshoot in London

"It's honestly been such a journey."

“OMG, I love it. I honestly have tears in my eyes. I can’t believe that’s me. It’s honestly been such a journey. Thank you so much.”

Yvonne - London Boudoir Photography

Each Photo Tells a Tale

Maybe it’s a celebration of a personal achievement, a milestone, or even a journey of self-acceptance.

Every pose, every expression, and every setting has a story to tell.

Boudoir is a canvas where you paint your narrative, one frame at a time.

a woman with bird tattoos arching backwars in a corset on a boudoir photoshoot in London
A woman with tattoo at a London photography studio

"I felt free to play about and experiment."

“I really enjoyed my session with Siorna. She created a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the shoot so that I felt free to play about and experiment. Enjoying the shoot really showed in the final image.”

Charlotte - London Boudoir Photography

A Gift to Yourself

Sometimes, boudoir is a gift we give to ourselves. It’s a way of saying, “I am worth it.”

When life gets tough, and we’re caught up in the daily grind, boudoir reminds us to take a moment for self-care and self-appreciation.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving – a reminder of our beauty and strength during both good times and bad.

London boudoir photography, taken by Siorna Ashby, a female London photographer

"Siorna captured me in the best of lights."

“I am astounded by the quality. Siorna captured me in the best of lights, drawing out the essence of what I wanted to project through the images.”

Chandra - London Boudoir Photography

A Journey, Not a Destination

The beauty of storytelling through boudoir lies in its ongoing nature. It’s not a one-time thing.

Your personal journey is ever-evolving, and so are the stories you want to tell.

Boudoir photography grows with you, adapting to the different phases of your life.

It becomes a chronicle of your growth and self-discovery.

Your boudoir experience with me is an opportunity for you to create your own canvas.

You are the art and artist in many ways. I go at your speed and comfort level.

We talk about your styles and wardrobe in advance. I’ll suggest things you may not have thought of, but always in the parameters you’ve told me during our pre-shoot chats.

a womn posing on a chair to show you how to prepare for a photoshoot boudoir style.

Why you shouldn't wait

At this point, you may be feeling a little nervous about reaching out for your boudoir photoshoot. You may even be thinking I’ll wait another 6 months until I look as good as the women on this page. You may be saying you’re not skinny enough or not curvy enough. This is all lies.

Here’s one thing I want you to know about this boudoir photography experience. It is 100% about and for you.

It’s the opportunity to document your life. To create a record you can look back on while serving as the biggest confidence boost when you need it. It’s also a moment for self-love.

Self-love love isn’t selfish, it’s the foundation on which you build a relationship with everyone else.

While your journey and relationship with your body will be different to the next person. The desire to celebrate and restore a connection with yourself is something you will have in common with all the women you see in this gallery.

I’m here to help you with wardrobe, poses, lighting and to lean into this incredible experience.

Learn more about the Boudoir Experience at my webpage > London Boudoir Photography 

Here you’ll find more examples of my boudoir styles and prices.

a black nd white photograph of a woman looking up with her arm raised on a london boudoir photography photoshoot