Backstory to my unique Boudoir photoshoots

When I started as a boudoir photographer, I wanted to offer people a choice in their style of photography.

To me, there was already a lot of negativities around the idea of photographing a woman’s body.

It isn’t an easy topic to talk about. Women are constantly told how to dress in society. They are expected to navigate modern beauty standards (spoiler– you can’t win). And many photographs have been taken with only the male viewer in mind.

Surrounded by this reality I asked myself where does boudoir fit in?

I knew that boudoir was a gateway to confidence. And a key to this was offering the opportunity to choose powerful looks to shift that narrative.

A woman in fishnets crossing her hands over her chest on a on a unique boudoir photoshoot

In the beginning, I offered styles I found beautiful and powerful. These were the styles I had chosen when I took my own boudoir photographs for the first time.

My beginning styles were a painterly vibe inspired by Renaissance art. The second was a light silhouette, crafted with studio lighting.

As I continued to offer my boudoir experience, I started to receive more unique requests. I was asked for different lighting styles. People wanted bed poses. Some more daring and adventurous poses.

When a woman asks me to help her feel beautiful and reclaim her power, I step up.

So, here’s a look at one of those more daring photoshoots.

a tasteful nude photo using silhouette lighting

A Unique Boudoir Photoshoot

The SPICY RED look

One of the most intriguing boudoir photoshoot requests I’ve had was to capture a red-light district vibe.

To achieve this captivating look, I played with red gels on my studio lights, positioning them thoughtfully to infuse sensuality and a hint of daring into the atmosphere.

I’ve always believed that the lighting sets the mood for the entire boudoir photoshoot. Working with passionate red tones was no exception, and it created a provocative and tantalizing vibe for the viewer.

For an extra touch of drama, I added a white spotlight effect to really make the scene come alive (see later image below)!

a woman bathed in red light pulling her hair on a unique boudoir photoshoot

She’s sexy and she knows it!

The thong to high heels look is a very daring and evocative pose. It also requires a little discomfort and flexibility.

For this look I helped pull the thong to the high heel. The amazing client also held this pose while lying on the ground, staggering her legs to strike a dynamic and eye-catching scene.

Afterwards I rotated the image in post-production. I felt it looked more evocative this way.

legs wearing high heels and a thong on a unique boudoir photoshoot

Fishnet Stockings

I find fishnet stockings and tights incredibly sexy, but sometimes they can be a bit too busy.

When you combine fishnets with a bra or a corset, it can divert attention away from your beautiful face and become a bit overwhelming in the photo!

I prefer to keep it simple and understated. Less fabric can often make a more powerful impact, and I often incorporate certain poses and arm placements to maintain modesty while achieving that alluring look.

A woman wearing fishnet tights with tattoos on a unique boudoir photoshoot


To add more depth and story to this photograph, I sprinkled key elements around my subject, like cards, boots, and even a cozy studio rug. The glass of complimentary sparkling wine added a touch of elegance as a prop.

She’s also wearing the iconic white shirt look – it’s a classic! You might remember it from the 90s, popularized by the renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindberg. But, the credit for this style actually goes to the fabulous French stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele.

The oversized white shirt is a timeless piece that can stand on its own or paired with your favorite underwear. It adds a substantial texture to your overall look. If you don’t have one of your own, some clients have even borrowed shirts from their brothers and partners for that perfect shot.

With the wardrobe and small set design, we aimed to create a cozy, at-home vibe that really ties everything together.

a woman smoking while playing with her hair in front of a card game

Smoke Sass

I absolutely adore using smoke in portraits! It’s a technique I’ve experimented with several times, and the delightful unpredictability of smoke always results in one-of-a-kind photographs.

A little insider tip about this distinctive boudoir photoshoot style is I prefer using vape smoke. It adds a touch of magic to the shots, but keep in mind that it takes a bit of time to warm up and create those dreamy billows.

A woman smoking in underwear on a unique boudoir photoshoot

Final Thoughts

What makes my boudoir sessions extra special is that we get to explore multiple different looks all in one fun photoshoot!

Together, we craft the perfect mood for your boudoir photos, ensuring that each picture radiates empowerment.

This clients said, “It would be rude not to share them!” With various lighting and mood options, the final photos truly reflect the confidence and strength you gain from the boudoir experience.

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a woman sitting on a stool in a spot light with red background on a on a unique boudoir photoshoot
"These are so beautiful. It would be rude not to share!"