Sharing my mistakes.

My first boudoir experience began with taking photographs of my own body… kinda by accident.

I have struggling with body confidence since my teenage years. Part of the reason I picked up a camera was to avoid being on the other side of the lens.

One day, while taking my business headshot, the photoshoot turned into something entirely different.

It turned into my own boudoir photoshoot.

While looking at my photos, the positive feelings were instantaneous. I was shocked at how much I loved images of my own body. This was a body I had felt at war with for 20 years. To be thinking nice things about it, about myself, was a revolutionary moment.

The confidence and empowerment that Boudoir photography can inspire is something that has stayed with me. It’s the reason I do this and I want to share the experience with as many people as possible.

A woman with closed eyes looking over her shoulder with creative light from a London boudoir photography photoshoot

My photoshoot was unexpected and unscheduled so inevitably I made mistakes. 3 of them. I’m so glad they happened to me because now I can safely navigate you around them. I can share how to prepare for a photoshoot boudoir style. Here we go!

#1 Not Eating

My first mistake was I didn’t eat anything before my photoshoot. Even though it was meant to be a business photoshoot, I wanted my tummy to be flat, so I didn’t eat.

This was so unhelpful. A photoshoot requires energy. I found that boudoir especially required me to curve and arch, holding a pose for a little longer than I anticipated.

The advice I give to everyone is to eat something light for energy, but nothing heavy.

A piece of fruit like a banana is ideal. A piece of toast with something nice on or some nuts are also good. I avoid heavy dishes like pasta because I don’t want to get sleepy or bloaty.

A pair of legs demonstrating how to prepare for a photoshoot boudoir style.

#2 I didn’t plan my outfit and chose the wrong thing!

I’d never done a boudoir photoshoot before, so I chose my teddy lingerie and a piece of black cloth.

The piece of black cloth was genius. I upgraded this to black silk for my clients. The teddy didn’t turn out so well.

The teddy is a gorgeous piece of lingerie but for me, someone who is curvy, it didn’t flatter my shape on camera at all. It was too big around my tummy.

A body suit would have worked so much better. Against instincts, form fitting clothes work better for curvy people on camera. We try to hide our shape with baggy clothes, but trust me on this, form fitting is the way to go!

a behind the scene studio photo to show how to prepare for a photoshoot

#3 I didn’t moisturise my body.

I moisturise my face daily, but back then, I didn’t moisturise anywhere else.

I had dry elbows. Other areas that can get dry for people are their feet. I always recommend people moisturise their body about a week before the photoshoot.

I’m very good at editing skin, so it wasn’t a deal breaker for my first boudoir photoshoot – or for you! But dry skin does take more time to edit in your photos.

Also, moisturised skin looks better on camera with studio lights, so I always recommend it.

a womn posing on a chair to show you how to prepare for a photoshoot boudoir style.

Did I say there were only 3 mistakes?

Actually, there were many things I got wrong. That’s how I started to develop my boudoir experience. I also keep doing my own boudoir photoshoots. This way I continue to remember how it feels in front of the camera. I can continue to ask myself how to prepare for a photoshoot – boudoir style.

As part of my Boudoir Experience, I offer two things that immediately help so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Style Consult

Every Boudoir experience is tailored to you. We dive into the posing, colours, moods and lighting you feel connected to.

I ask you to pick a few photographs that inspire you. Using these we talk about your style on a video call.

We choose wardrobe pieces and set design together. You’ll know exactly what to expect and what to bring for your day.

Preparation Guide.

Over the years I’ve brought together lots of tips to help you prepare! Clients have also shared things that worked for them and I include those too! I send out my preparation guide to you once you’ve booked!

a body silhouette that shows what is boudoir photography in black and white

Final Thoughts!

When taking your photographs, the most important thing for me is that you feel comfortable. I’m here to help you lean into the experience and have fun.

Learn more about your Boudoir Experience here > Boudoir 

A woman wrapped in a canvas for a fine art London boudoir photography photoshoot
"Siorna made me feel really comfortable whilst also making it fun, and reflected a lot of my personality in her photos. The end result is stunning (if I can say that!!)."