Do you edit boudoir photographs?

There is something magical and beautiful about boudoir photography. To me, boudoir is more than simply photographs. It’s art, its body empowerment, and its self-acceptance. So, the question ‘do you edit my boudoir photographs?’ is a complex and interesting topic.

Is it body empowerment if you edit a boudoir photograph?

Are you accepting yourself if the photograph is edited?

Do you edit boudoir photographs?

I think that it comes down to what you mean by photographic editing. As a professional photographer, my job is not finished once the photograph is taken with my camera. Taking the photograph is not even my first step. My first step is discussing moods, styles and poses you might be comfortable with. Then comes the photo shoot and then editing.

My approach to editing your boudoir photographs is connected to the idea that I want to take a photograph of you on your best day. Sometimes your best day might not be your scheduled boudoir photoshoot.

Pesky things like spots, your period, or bruises can get in the way. When people we love think of us, they don’t remember that cold sore we got in winter, or that bruise we got walking into a door frame (yes that’s me by the way). So, should these fleeting moments be documented in your boudoir photographs? I’d argue that they shouldn’t, and I’d also respect your decision if you wanted the photographs to be as true to life as the camera will allow.

a lingerie photography to show edit boudoir photography

"Editing boudoir photographs is a conversation."

My standard boudoir photography editing.

I love to control and shape light and studio lights help me do this for boudoir photography. Using studio lights means I will always tweak the colour in your boudoir photograph. I also underexpose my photographs. Just a little. I do this for slightly boring technical reasons and it’s become a habit. What this means is I will adjust the light levels on every photograph I take, which is editing.

These are the things that I will usually edit:

  • Light levels
  • Correct skin tone colour
  • Correct makeup
  • Remove stray hairs
  • Neaten and smooth clothing
  • Change to black and white

Unless you ask me otherwise, I will also remove the following:

  • Bruises
  • Spots
an edit boudoir photograph with red lingerie

Freckles and moles

I leave freckles and moles on clients unless you ask for their removal.

I have a ton of moles. I’m like 80% mole! This means I must be careful in direct sun and I’m constantly checking for skin cancer. I’ve had three moles removed from my body already. I share this story to show I have complicated feelings towards my moles. I have so many and there are a few I don’t like. I chose to remove these moles from pictures of myself. That’s just me.

If you want things to be removed because they don’t make you feel good, or you don’t see them as part of your identity, I have no problems removing them. I get it.

Photo editing is a conversation, and you can ask me anything you want. These are your photographs – for you – and you’re in charge.

freckles and moles from a boudoir photoshoot with no edit boudoir photographs

The top 5 body edits for boudoir photography

As part of the conversation, some clients have asked me to tweak photographs of themselves. It’s your photograph and you should feel empowered to tell me what you want.

The top 5 things I most frequently get asked to tweak are:

  • Add volume to my hair
  • Slim my arms
  • Slim my waist
  • Smooth my skin
  • Reduce or remove my wrinkle lines

‘Do you edit boudoir photographs?’ The answer is yes.

I am not an expert in body positivity and certainly not in self-acceptance. I am someone who takes each day trying to feel better about the body I have. Boudoir photography was an experience that connected me with my body for the first time in twenty years and it was a powerful moment that I enjoy thinking back on. I want to share this experience with you.

While editing my own boudoir photographs, I slimmed my upper arms in the final picture. This is because during the photo shoot I pressed my arms too close to my body which made them look wide on camera. Tweaking them a little bit made me feel good about the final picture.

What would have helped is if I’d have caught this incorrect pose on camera. This is where I can be there for you, and I will ALWAYS be helping you with posing!

When it comes to the question ‘Do I edit your boudoir photographs?’  The answer is yes. I will edit the photograph. How much I edit your body though is up to you. I simply refuse to judge anyone on the decision either way; to edit or not to edit. It’s always a conversation that you lead.

Take a look at my Boudoir Gallery to see some more client photographs.

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