I am met with a few quizzical faces when I say I am a boudoir photographer. “What is boudoir photography?” is the next question.

While some people imagine lingerie and naked bodies, others have never heard of the word. To be fair, it doesn’t often crop up in conversation. ‘Boudoir’ has roots in both France and England for a ‘bathing, sitting or dressing area, adjacent to a bed chamber’ and we all have one of those right?

That’s why a lot of boudoir photographs feature a bed, bathtub or bedroom setting.

You may notice that my work doesn’t automatically feature these things.

Boudoir photography is about your connection to your own body.”

What is Boudoir Photography to me?

When I started on my journey towards boudoir photography it was the connection to the body that inspired me.

Portrait photography is fundamentally about a connection. When I’m photographing people, I am trying to connect and show that person back to themselves.

With boudoir photography, there is another layer.

Boudoir photography is about your connection to your own body.

We will connect and create photographs in a style that you’re comfortable with and we’ll create an environment where you can focus on yourself.

The aim of the photoshoot is to also allow you to embrace where you are right now with your body.

A woman with closed eyes looking over her shoulder with creative light from a London boudoir photography photoshoot

Why boudoir photography matters to me.

From an early age, I separated my body and my mind and treated them as two entities. It created a disconnection within myself. This made it easier to put myself down when I gained weight or didn’t look good in clothes. Generally, at every opportunity, for any reason.

I share this small story because every day I make a mental effort to remind myself I only have one body to carry me in this world and I must appreciate that it is part of me. This is how I will heal and move forward.

One of the ways you can connect with your own body is through a boudoir photo shoot. It allows you the space and the time to focus on yourself in a positive setting.

So I tested this out for myself and took my own boudoir photographs in a style that made me comfortable. The feeling of connection I had for those few hours was like nothing I’d experienced in decades. I felt connected, I felt happy, and I learned that this might be what body empowerment feels like.

a body silhouette that shows what is boudoir photography in black and white

What is my boudoir style?

My boudoir style is very important to me, and it generally falls into two themes:

  1. Inspired by Old World Art with a soft painterly look.
  2. Shaping the body with shadow and light with (or without!) a modern wardrobe.

When we discuss your boudoir photo shoot I’ll talk about these styles, and we’ll find out what’s right for you. It can be one, it can be both!

a painterly photogrphy that shows what is boudoir photography with woman seated with flowers

Not sure it’s for you?

The more I photograph boudoir it becomes clear that every woman’s journey with their body is unique. There are themes to be sure, but we have individual battles, regardless of shape and age.

Even women who are connected and happy with their bodies find it hard to say what body part is their favourite (which is my favourite question to ask). Instead, they often fall back on the negatives first.

During your boudoir photography session, we’ll keep focused on the positives. We’ll photograph the favourite parts of your body; you can wear as much or as little as you’d like. You are in control of the photoshoot. You can even include a hair and makeup experience for a full pamper session!

Join my London Boudoir Facebook Group.

Join my Boudoir Facebook Group to learn more about who I am. I’m quite open about my challenges with Confidence and Body Empowerment.

Here you’ll find a supportive environment to be encouraged to connect with your body – even if a boudoir photography session is ultimately not for you. Though I will be offering giveaways to tempt you along the way!

I’d love to see you there!

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