Here are the top 6 questions I get asked most before a London boudoir experience.

What should I wear?

There really is no right or wrong thing to wear on your London boudoir photoshoot. You can wear lingerie or try a subtle and tasteful nude. Here are the 5 top outfit choices my clients love:

1. Start with your absolute favourite lingerie pieces.

2.Blazers with bra (and no bra) work.

3. An oversized white shirt looks amazing

4. Bodysuits are my personal favourite

5. A nude back can make for a stunning boudoir photograph, and I provide nipple covers for your comfort.

Your outfit choice can influence the tone of the boudoir photoshoot, so we discuss style, colours and lingerie at your style consult over zoom. We want the wardrobe to match the style you prefer, whether that’s the painterly soft light or something more modern playing with light and shadow.

London boudoir photograph with a woman in a bralette and trousers in black and white

How many outfits should I bring?

At least three pieces, but if in doubt, bring it!  After your zoom style consult, I create a packing list to help you remember all the styles we talked about. My tip is that if you are looking to purchase more photographs, more outfit choices are going to help you get the most out of your boudoir experience.

I also have a few pieces in my photography wardrobe from bodysuits, jackets, bedsheets to chiffon cloth. We can try a few different styles and see what you love on the day.

Bringing your favourite lingerie is the starting point and will help you feel the most comfortable on the day.

Is hair and makeup included?

Hair and makeup can be included.  My all-inclusive package comes with hair and makeup as part of your experience. I have a few fabulous hair and make-up artists who are ready to help you feel and look your best. Or you can select hair and makeup as an add on to your final collection.

One styling with hair and makeup takes about an hour before your photoshoot and there will be refreshments on hand. Hair and makeup is optional and we talk more about this at your styling consult.

Do you offer framed art prints or only digitals?

I offer both!

I have three collections for boudoir. The first is a digital-only package, while the other two come with one complimentary framed art print alongside the digitals.

You can purchase any photograph as a framed print in addition to your collection.

I have worked in London museums (the British Museum and Natural History Museum) and know the importance of quality printed work for your memories. Your printed products are handcrafted to museum standards by a multi-award-winning printing laboratory. There are a range of frames, wall art and collection boxes available. These art products are as special as your photoshoot. You can see these in person at the studio.

‘Say hello’ and receive an investment guide with more details.

Where is the boudoir photo shoot?

Your London boudoir photoshoot takes place at my studio in Finsbury Park, north London (N4). It’s a private studio with a separate changing area and client bathroom. We play your favourite music and refreshments, including complimentary sparkling wine, is on hand!

Do you share my images?

It is a huge privilege to photograph any person and especially with boudoir, I take privacy very seriously. You are in control of your images and can choose whether you would be comfortable with sharing any of your images on my website or social media. There will be a document trail of consent and there is an option to remove consent at any time.

I use encrypted services for my photography backup. The online gallery you access to download your photographs is protected by a password.

If you have concerns about this, you can choose not to have your images backed up and I can provide the final photographs on a USB key. This comes with a risk that the photographs could be lost, but I offer these options to ensure you are comfortable.

I’m also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office ICO and keep up to date with what’s going on with data and privacy.

Join my London Boudoir Facebook Group.

Join my Boudoir Facebook Group to learn more about who I am. I’m quite open about my challenges with Confidence and Body Empowerment.

Here you’ll find a supportive environment to be encouraged to connect with your body – even if a boudoir photography session is ultimately not for you. Though I will be offering giveaways to tempt you along the way!

I’d love to see you there!