8 Quick Tips

1. Start with the clothes you love

Do you have a work outfit that makes you feel good? It fits you well and you feel at your best when you’re wearing it. Start there! If you don’t love the clothes, you’ll hate the photograph.

2. Avoid busy patterns

While patterns are fun, fashion trends change all the time and you may not love your photograph within a year.

I recommend avoiding busy patterns for your LinkedIn headshot in London or limit the quantity of the pattern by wearing a jacket.  Bring a second outfit if the work outfit you love the most has a busy pattern.

It’s better to avoid wearing tops with large company logos. We want the attention to be on you and your message.

LinkedIn headshot in London of a woman in a red top and suit jacket with gold jewellery
LinkedIn headshot in London of a woman in a white shirt and gold jewellery

3. What do you want the viewer to think?

Who’s looking at the profile? Are you aspiring to move forward in your career?

Are you going for open and friendly? Professional and trustworthy?

Your choice of clothes can help suggest these things to your audience.

Maybe your LinkedIn headshots will be used in more places, like your Slack work channel, conferences or company website.

You may want to try a casual and formal look. Bringing a suit jacket to your LinkedIn headshot in London can quickly take you from casual to traditional in an effortless way.

4. Colours that work for you

Do you love deep blue tones, earth tones, neutrals, pastels or vibrant colours? What’s the colour of the outfit that always gets a compliment from other people? Think about colours that suit you.

Dark colours are slimming, while a pop of colour can help your photograph stand out. To compliment your wardrobe, I’ll think about the background and mood.

5. Accessories

I offer two thoughts on your accessory choices.

The first is to wear zero, or simple and small jewellery or cufflinks. This way, when people look at your LinkedIn headshot they focus on your eyes and the connection. The magic we create in the studio.

The second view is that a big statement piece can bring a pop of personality and colour into the photograph.

Either way, make sure you love the jewellery and accessories. Or that it has sentimental value so that you’ll want to use these photographs for years to come.

6. The shoes

It’s a headshot, you don’t need to care about the shoes! Well, maybe you do.

My advice on shoes falls into two camps when the shoes aren’t going to be in the photograph.

1. Wear comfy shoes! Being comfy is going to help you relax into your studio photoshoot.

2. Wear shoes that make you feel like you can take on the world. I’ve met people who have these shoes. When they put them on, they immediately feel confident and ready for their photoshoot. It’s amazing.

LinkedIn headshot in London of a woman in a silk top in black and white
LinkedIn headshot in London with a big necklace and a white shirt

7. Bras and other underwear

You may need to bring a few different bras to pair with your outfits. Make sure they are the right colour and look good with the top. For any other underwear, make sure it’s comfy and discreet.

8. If in doubt.....

Bring it. I recommend at least 3 different tops and a suit jacket to all my clients.

I offer a style consultation to talk more about your wardrobe and colours. I also email you with more handy tips for your day!

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A London photographer with camera at a London headshot photoshoot.