Everyone’s journey to a body photography photo shoot is different. We all have our own experiences, challenges, and relationship with our bodies. There are a few trends though. I like to think of them as the Past, Present and Future reasons for body photography.

I’m going to talk about these in reverse.

Body Photography | Future – Present – Past

The Future reason

I’ve found this is the first reason people give when they are quite comfortable with their bodies. Or at least are in a good place with their body. They know that their body is likely to change in the future again. As one client said, “time and gravity; it is what it is!”.


These clients want to seize the day and use body photography to capture the moment in time. They want to look back on the pictures, or show grandchildren and say, “THAT WAS ME!”

a woman with her arm rasied in pinklingerie against a canvas backdrop on a body photography photoshoot in renaissance style

The Present reason

For others, it’s about celebrating this moment right now. Often, something has triggered the desire to have their body photographed. Usually, it is a change in circumstance or a challenge they’ve overcome. Events like a breakup or a divorce fall into this category.

One client was doing well at work. They were exactly on track for their own goals and wanted to celebrate.

Body photography can be a treat for yourself. It’s a pampering experience, especially if you include hair and makeup in your package. Every photoshoot includes sparkling wine and refreshments. My studio offers a safe environment all about positive thinking and fun. It’s the perfect way to give yourself a confidence boost.

a woman in garter and stockings on a body photography photoshoot in black and white

The Past reason

This reason is perhaps the toughest one for the person experiencing it. I say this because I fall into this category. The past was my reason for my boudoir or body photography. I’m one of those people who has difficulty with body image. I was not immediately comfortable with the idea of a photoshoot where it was all about my body.


During my photoshoot, I connected my body and my mind for the first time in 20 years. It allowed my past insecurities to melt away while I focused on how much my body, and I had achieved together.


Since my body photography, I’ve had a more positive outlook on my body. It’s carried me through so much. I’m being more than kind to it now; I’m starting to love it.

Small things have changed. My posture is better. I feel taller when I walk down a street. I’m less negative in my head. This allows me to focus on other things instead of anxiety. This may sound small. To my past self, it is unimaginable.

a black and white body silhouette of a woman in underwear and long hair with bangles from a body photography photoshoot

Ultimately body photography is for you.

A boudoir or body photography photoshoot is all about the individual client. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. The body photography I offer is an experience that focuses on the person and their story. I respect your boundaries so that you can come away feeling confident and empowered.

If you’d like to see more photographs with the different types of posing visit my Boudoir Gallery.

a woman smiling with body tattoos and red hair from a body photography photoshoot.

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