Choosing what to wear for boudoir pictures doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are 5 outfits you may already own that you could bring to your boudoir photoshoot in London.

#1 Your favourite lingerie

Let’s start somewhere very easy.


Do you have a favourite bra and knicker set?


This is that special set you wear even on a regular day when you need a boost!

They’re oh so comfy and you probably ran out and bought a second pair immediately in a different colour. This is where we start. This is the outfit I’m going to ask you to put on first.

You’re going to immediately know that whatever happens in the studio, you love what you’re wearing. I’ve got the rest! I always ask about your outfit choice in advance. This is because I’m going to be thinking about colour schemes that complement your choices.

From our style consult, I love to make a packing list to help you remember the things you’ve mentioned.

I encourage you to pull out that underwear set today and put it on! You’ll feel great and you’re worth it every day.

a plus size woman in pink underwear with a necklace on a london boudoir photography session

#2 The white shirt

It’s a classic. Possibly made famous by the fashion photographer Peter Lindberg.

The oversized white shirt look is beautiful on its own, or with your favourite underwear. It adds a solid texture to your look.

If you don’t have your own, clients have borrowed shirts from their brothers and partners before.

Silky black shirts also work. I recommend silky fabric for black shirts. It will add softness and will be slightly more form-fitting.

Coloured silky shirts are an option. If we turn the picture black and white the colour doesn’t matter too much anyway!

A London boudoir photography photoshoot in white shirt and underwear

#3 The jacket.

I love a jacket. It’s been a symbol of strength and power for so long now.


I love seeing a woman in a suit and bringing a jacket offers a lot of different options for posing.

Wear it, pull it down around your arms or drape it off the shoulder. It looks great.

a woman wearing a jacket with short hair to showcase what to wear for boudoir pictures

#4 Swim-wear. Stay with me on this one!

When we chat about underwear, I recommend high-waisted knickers or thongs.

However, one client didn’t have high-waisted knickers and they didn’t want to be photographed in their thong. Instead, they brought swimwear bottoms.

We paired this with a beautiful bralette, and I changed the colour in Photoshop to match in editing.

It was genius. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

The photoshoot is about appreciating your body for all the amazing things it has done with you. We don’t need to overthink this.

a woman wearing swimming shorts and black bralette to showcase what to wear for boudoir pictures

#5 Your birthday suit.

Let’s not forget the most important outfit you own. It’s been with you this whole time and it is magnificent.

People have described my work as ‘beautiful’, ‘classy’, ‘elegant’ ‘romantic’ and ‘subtle’. This is what I aim for, especially when it comes to nudes. We want to leave things up to the imagination while showing off your favourite parts.

Before you step into the studio we talk about the level of nakedness you are comfortable with. You set the boundaries. You are in control.

When we are creating nudes, it’s all about the connection. We talk about your proudest moments, goals, and confidence. One client wanted quiet reflection, and I was there to capture those moments.

The studio has a robe so you can stay comfortable while you’re in your birthday suit.

a woman wearing her birthday suit to showcase what to wear for boudoir pictures

If you’d like to see more photographs to get some ideas for what to wear for boudoir pictures visit my Boudoir Gallery.

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