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What to wear to my photoshoot?

5 tips for choosing your wardrobe.

What to wear to your photoshoot.

1. Start with clothes you love.

If you don’t love the clothes, you’ll hate the photographs. Bring your favourite outfit and don’t forget the shoes.

2. You can be as casual or as formal as you like!

For business sessions, shirts and suits, alongside plain t-shirts and power dresses work.  For portrait sessions jeans are perfect and so are cocktail dresses, gowns, knit jumpers, shirts & jackets. We talk about this in your style consult.

3. Avoid busy patterns.

Is your style traditional, classic and clean, bohemian, neutral or vibrant? Whatever your style remember that fashion trends change all the time. Choose outfits that won’t date the images too quickly, especially for your business sessions. If that statement piece you love has a busy pattern, choose additional looks to give yourself options down the road.

4. Consider Colours & Neutrals.

Think about colours that really suit you. Do you love deep blue tones, earth tones, neutrals, pastels or vibrant colours? Dark colours are slimming, and a pop of colour can help your photograph stand out. I’ll support these choices with thinking about the mood of our session and backgrounds that will compliment your wardrobe. For business sessions if you have a brand colour bring clothes in these colour tones.

5. If in doubt…..

…bring it and this includes any accessories like scarves, hats, pocket squares, belts, cufflinks, and jewellery. Adding your personality is a great way for your images to stand out.

We discuss all this and more at your 1:1 style consultation where I help you pick out your wardrobe so you feel confident and ready for your session.

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