Safety First

Safety is paramount in a boudoir photoshoot. You should feel comfortable and secure with your photographer, especially since boudoir photography is intimate by nature.

To assess safety, start by researching the photographer’s professional background. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge their experiences.

A professional studio or a well-known location, clear communication from the photographer, and the option to bring a friend or family member to the session can all contribute to a safer environment.

I always meet every client before they come to the studio. I also offer a ‘Discovery Call’ so you can meet me and ask any questions before you even book.

Curvy woman lying on the floor with full lingerie set and stockings in black and white on a boudoir photography uk photoshoot

Posing Support

Boudoir posing anxiety is real! Often clients feel they need to have all the looks and poses memorised before they enter the studio. This is not the case!

An experienced boudoir photographer will guide you through various poses, ensuring that you look natural and relaxed. They should be able to direct you in a way that flatters your body type and enhances your confidence.

During your initial consultation, discuss posing styles and look at samples of their work to see how they handle different body types and comfort levels.

You can download my free posing guide to see my starter boudoir poses: Posing Guide 

Curvy woman lying on the floor with posing support in black and white on a boudoir photography uk photoshoot

Wardrobe Guidance

The right wardrobe is crucial for your boudoir shoot as it greatly impacts the overall look and feel of your photos.

Look for a photographer who offers guidance on selecting outfits that not only flatter you but also align with the mood and style of the shoot.

A good photographer will discuss wardrobe options with you in advance and help you choose pieces that fit the shoot’s aesthetic and your personal style. Your boudoir photographer uk should also be able to recommend places to purchase your wardrobe too!

We discuss your wardrobe at your video ‘Style Consult’ about a week before your boudoir experience. This way you know exactly what to bring.

a double d bra captured in black and white on a boudoir photography uk photoshoot

Photographic Style

The style of photography should resonate with how you want to look back on these images. Boudoir photography can range from romantic and soft to edgy, explicit and bold.

Review the photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision.

Consider how you want to feel when you look at these photos years from now—whether it’s empowered, sexy, elegant, or perhaps a combination of these. A professional boudoir photographer should create timeless images that you will cherish long-term.

The style you choose should reflect the emotions and memories you wish to capture.

water droplets running down skin with a bra on a boudoir photography uk photoshoot

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right boudoir photographer uk involves more than just comparing prices and portfolios. It’s about ensuring a safe environment, receiving guidance on posing and wardrobe, and finding a style that matches your vision for the future.

Take your time to find a photographer who can provide not only beautiful photos but also a memorable and empowering experience.

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